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  • Where can I find set up software and instructions?

    Just follow the link below for an easy to use guide to setting up, Support.php

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  • Will the solution work on a MAC computer?

    Yes, both the VPN and the VPN/ Email solution will work on a MAC computer.

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  • Can I use the email solution with my existing email client software?

    Yes, the email solution will work with any email clients that support POP3, SMTP and IMAP.

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  • Are emails stored securely?

    Yes, our emails servers are securely stored in the UK. Only selected GSEA support staff will be able to access the email servers for maintenance and support purposes.

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  • Can I check webmail from a computer that does not have the VPN installed?

    Yes, you can access webmail from another computer without the full VPN using an SSL proxy to authenticate and then access your webmail. To use the SSL Proxy click on the ‘Login’ link and follow the instructions.

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  • Does the GSEA Email service encrypt messages when they are sent to the receiving email service?

    The GSEA Email service provides “opportunistic TLS”. TLS Encryption is used both to send to and receive from other email services that support the TLS protocol. In this case, the encryption is negotiated between servers before any details of your email are sent which means that the entire content of your message including header information is encrypted when it travels between email services that support the TLS protocol.

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  • Why are there primary and secondary email accounts?

    The personal account that you log on with has one email account associated with it, this is the primary account. Any other email accounts that you purchase through your personal account are secondary email accounts.

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  • Why should I pay for an email account when I can get one for free?

    Email accounts always cost something, whether you pay using currency or allow them to view your communications for their own purposes you will be giving the provider something. We prefer to take payment rather than your privacy.

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