Email Solutions

GSEA's email solutions are hosted in a fully redundant data centre in a secure location in the UK, where it is protected by biometrics access and locked in a rack. The data centre has multiple internet connections to cover for the eventuality of one of them failing.

GSEA owns all the equipment it uses and has sole access to the data. We back up the data daily to another secure location so as to be prepared for an unexpected disaster recovery scenario. We use IceWarp to power our mail service, a well-established software company, providing flexible and innovative products to improve communication.

For more information, follow this link Ice Warp Spec.

Secure Email

If you prefer a simpler solution, our Secure Email offers the safety of enforced encrypted-port connectivity, which means that you cannot make the mistake of using clear text connections when you set up your email account.

When using Webmail, you will be required to use a virtual keyboard to enter your password, thereby preventing it from being harvested by a third party even if a virus was to infect your machine.

Corporate Solutions

If you have specific needs for your organisation when it comes to secure email, we are able to accommodate those requirements on an individual basis. Please contact us for a quote.

GSEA is able to provide the following services to your corporation:

  • Unique and private IP ranges, to keep your IPs clean from guilt by association with other domains
  • Private domain email hosting
  • Customised mailbox sizes
  • Domain management
  • Optional web-based VoIP and conferencing
  • WAF and DDoS protection